Property Owners Dissolved Without Authorization

It is with regret that without authorization from members at large the Executive Board of this organization led by Vickie Paulsen as President Pro Tem decided to dissolve the Newberry Springs Property Owners Association.

In doing so, they took existing funds, over $2000 belonging to members and gave it to an organization called the Newberry Springs Economic Development Association (NSEDA), a newly formed organization of which Vickie Paulsen is the Secretary in our opinion a business entity not formed with the best interests of residents and property owners of the area, and closely associated with officers and members of the Newberry Springs Chamber of Commerce.

But those of the community who felt that the Property Owners organization was still needed because it was the only non-profit, non-business, volunteer organization dedicated to and capable of supporting the best interests of Newberry residents decided to revive the organization.

In so doing, its current members demand that the funds taken from our organization be returned so that we can accomplish our mission supporting media and vital programs so necessary for guarding the interests of both property owners and residents of Newberry Springs.

Community Services District Wants to Increase Property Taxes

July 25, 2017 - At the last Community Service District (CSD) meeting, Directors Vickie Paulsen and Paula Deel proposed an increase in Newberry Springs property assessments to support District "improvements" which would ostensibly include creating a more or less professional fire department headed by the existing Fire Chief, Steve Miller, who is known to enthusiastically support such a move.

The CSD is a publicly elected arm of California State currently charged with financing and managing the Newberry Volunteer Fire Department, parks and recreation, and street lights.

In response to the proposed increase, Fred Stearn, a long-time active local resident and realtor posted this sign at his Newberry office opposing the proposal.

Realtor Sign

But according to the minutes of the Newberry Springs Economic Development Assocation (NSEDA) it was not the Fire Department that was responsible for the tax increase proposal, Vickie and Paula having, as NSEDA officers as well as publicly elected Directors of the CSD, included in the NSEDA minutes that it would be good thing to increase taxes for economic development purposes, whatever that happens to mean, not Fire Department improvements.

In any form such a proposal is poison to most property owners, many of whom are not only amazed that Newberry elected officials would be so naive as to raise the issue in a small town public forum, but to use the volunteer Fire Department as a scapegoat for such a suggestion.

Our Association

NSHPROA is an organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of the property owners in the Newberry Springs/Harvard area of the high desert.

We try to represent the majority of property owners in our area, but we realize that there are fundamental A Red-tailed hawk above the desertand universal property rights that frequently take precedence over individual rights. We try to merge the two concepts as seamlessly as possible to promote and satisfy the interests of as many property owners as possible.

We meet quarterly (see our calendar for specific dates and times) during the cooler months at the Newberry Springs Community Center, 30884 Newberry Rd, Newberry Springs, CA

We frequently invite speakers to our lively and interesting meetings presenting subjects relevant to area property ownership, or any other subject that may be of interest to our members. You are cordially invited to attend our meetings, whether or not you are a member of our association.

Our by-laws are available here.